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It is both an honor and a privilege to be considered as a speaker for your event. To ensure a successful partnership for your event, please find below my speaker rider that details my specific needs to engage and participate in your event. I look forward to partnering with you!

In Person

In-Person Events

Travel Expenses Covered

  • Airfare and local transportation to the conference & lodging (unless lodging is within walking distance)

  • To account for any travel delays that may occur, Jasmine must arrive
    the night before she is set to speak. If the flight is more than 4 hours, and/or there is a more than one hour change in time zone, Jasmine must travel an additional day in advance via business class to ensure Jasmine is well-rested and prepared mentally and physically to fulfill her speaking requirements.

  • While not required, Jasmine is open to meeting with event executives prior to fulfilling her speaking requirements.

Lodging Expenses Covered

  • U.S. conferences: For full length of event that Jasmine is expected or invited to attend or engage.

  • International conferences (outside of U.S.):

    • One (1) full day of lodging before the conference

    • Plus, the length of event/conference/workshop at which Jasmine is expected to speak or attend

    • Plus, the evening that Jasmine speaks.

  • Your organization's credit card must be left on file for the hotel for the duration of Jasmine's stay.

  • On the day that Jasmine is to speak, one (1) 16 oz. ginger tea and two (2) Twix candy bars must be delivered to Jasmine's room.

Event Admission

  • A minimum of four (4) tickets for admission to your event must be provided to accomodate Jasmine's team/guests (The four tickets cannot include Jasmine's admission) .

Virtual Events


  • For live virtual events, you must ensure that there is a back-up plan, run-of-show, and internet speed tests, tech check, etc. prior to the event.

  • Pre-recording for virtual events is welcomed.

  • Question and answer sessions need to be moderated by someone trained to use the streaming platform to the extent of muting and/or removing attendees who exhibit inappropriate behavior which includes but is not limited to harrassment, trolling, and disrespect to either Jasmine or event attendees.

Chat spaces

  • Chat spaces must have moderators that will monitor the chat for questions and present all questions asked in order to Jasmine to answer during the event. 


Speaker Honorarium

  • Virtual Speaking Engagements - $500 USD

  • Local Speaking Engagements (within 90 miles of Atlanta):  $1,000 - 3,000 USD.

    • Pricing for Non-profit and/or community events will be reduced by 50%.

  • National & International Engagements: $3,000-6,000 USD

    • Pricing for Non-profit and/or community events will be reduced by 50%.

  • For Internal/Private Speaking Events:  $2,500-5,000 USD depending on audience size, how Jasmine's speech will be used/distributed (private v. public), revenue/philanthropy of your organization, the length and nature of the event (Q&A, Keynote Address + Q&A, workshop, etc).

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